Bilgola Plateau Public School

Kindness, Courtesy, Knowledge


Before and after school care

Our team of enthusiastic staff conduct a variety of activities available at the centre.  Children are given the freedom to choose between arts, crafts, quiet reading time, sports, games construction corner and home corner.  We encourage everyone to make themselves at home and to help us create an enjoyable environment. 


Bilgola Plateau Public School OOSH is a child focused centre where we provide a happy and safe environment for both children and staff.  At Bilgola Plateau Public School OOSH we strive for: 

  • provide a wide variety of supervised play and recreational activities, which assist primary school aged children's social, emotional, creative and physical development.
  • facilitate the children's individuality and foster their self-esteem. We believe in empowering children to make their own choices and to accept responsibility for their own actions. Through this, staff endeavour to understand the reasons for children's behaviour. 
  • promote and encourage that all children, families and staff are treated as equal and valued individuals. Confidentiality is always respected, irrespective of their cultural background, sex, ability, geographical location, religion or family income.
  • enables parents/guardians to pursue work, study/training or other activities, in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for in a safe, healthy and happy environment.
  • encourage all students to participate in our diverse program, regardless of their ability level or special needs. Staff are committed to helping children build confidence and learn new skills outside the classroom setting.
  • encourage social interactions between children through the different ages. This promotes diversity and acceptance.


Our programs include: 

  • our well balanced program is stimulating, interesting and exciting. It allows opportunities for children to play, explore and develop new skills and is appropriate to the development and leisure needs of all children. Children are encouraged to be actively involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the program, through discussion, conversations, group meetings and planning.
  • programs will be flexible to meet the ever, changing needs of the children and allow for spontaneity and enjoyment in our centre. An example of this is our involvement with the Australian Sports' Commission Program. Through this we offer a wide range of sports experiences twice a week.
  • the centre operates within the appropriate staff to child ratios, that is a minimum of 1:15 respectively. Each of our staff members are experienced and qualified supervisors and assistants - and all have been subjected to the Commission for Children and Young People's Working With Children Check. This requires staff members to undergo screening for child protection.

Registration of students and fee payments

All students need to be registered with OOSH each year.  

Bilgola Plateau Public School OOSH strives to keep fees at a manageable level, but this relies on prompt payment from parents using the service. Bilgola Plateau Public School OOSH is a service set up by a voluntary committee to help parents with before and after school care, and it is vital we all work in partnership to continue to provide a high standard of care.  All forms can be found on the P&C website.