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Parents and citizens association

Parents can view the P&C website via this link for all updates.

How does the parents and citizens association help the Bilgola Plateau Public School community?

Active involvemet and information sharing are available to every parent who joins their local parents and citizens association (P&C). Not only do P&Cs support the school as a whole, they are great support for the parents who get involved. 

Benefits of becoming a Bilgola Plateau Public School parents and citizens association member

The benefits of being an P&C member is being able to participate in a wide variety of school community activities and vote at P&C meetings on key decisions.  By contributing to the P&C, you are supporting all the services and activities that are offered by the P&C.

Parents and citizens association meeting times

P&C meetings are held once a term,  reminders are posted in the Gumtree Gazette.  All P&C Members are welcome to attend.

How is the parents and citizens association is funded and run 

The Bilgola Plateau Public School P&C has a long record of parent participation and has been very successful in delivering activities, services, equipment and facilities that would otherwise not be available to the school community.  To focus the efforts of the volunteers, the Bilgola Plateau Public School P&C supports a number of activities and sub committees through funding, management and participation.  

Payments and inquiries 

Have account inquiries for any of the P&C?
Email to for inquiries.

 Want to pay for P&C services? Everything is paided and managed via flexischools.